Coping with Going Back to School in 2020

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Learning continues: whether you choose distance learning or blended learning! 

Going Back to school in 2020 is different from any year before; as it has different circumstances. There is no doubt that education in the presence of COVID-19 will require a new approach that did not exist in the past.

Most schools are responding to the need of the time by applying two approaches, namely distance learning and blended learning. This is to ensure that education continues to be delivered in a consistent manner despite the many challenges these methods pose. So, the role of parents at this stage has become more crucial than before, for the simple reason that schooling will take place at home most of the time.

As parents ourselves, we understand these times call for new ways of supporting your child to make the best of the resources they have at their disposal and the crucial task of keeping them motivated through it all. 

We have put together these handy tips for you, parents, to cope with these circumstances.


1. Keep children healthy

Health above all. This is the principle to follow before thinking and preparing for anything. If the education system of your children was integrated, then this means that you must teach them how to interact in social settings with others in a way that suits the safe distancing best practices applied in the current conditions; especially, in the presence of the uninvited guest, COVID-19.

Plus, ensuring that they are eating healthy and sleeping enough to keep the body healthy as this plays an important role in protecting from the Virus.


2. Keep Children  happy & comfortable at home

Your children currently spend a great deal of their time at home, so the atmosphere at home should be good and allow them to express and speak with family members and remain happy during their long time spent indoors.

And it’s always good to know that peaceful environments are vital for happy kids. 


3. Providing devices and tools for self-learning & Learning from home

It used to be a luxury for a child to have an iPad, but now things are different; your children may need iPads, laptops, and headphones, which can also be Bluetooth. Make sure your children have all the tools and devices needed to learn from home and make sure they are able to use them.

It is also necessary that children’s use of these devices is well monitored; because although it is necessary, overuse and unrestricted screen time can be harmful.


4. Providing books and engaging them in reading

Reading is important for children in all situations and times, but its importance doubles in circumstances like the one we live in. So it is important that books remain available for children to find what they read during the day. And if they don’t have enough books, using a smartphone app for reading is an ideal option.

One of the best options available for reading apps is “I Read Arabic” an application that contains more than 700 books suitable for children of different age groups. It also contains multiple topics for them to choose from. It also helps to learn the Arabic language correctly by reading, speaking & listening to various kids’ audiobooks.


5. Creating new activities at home to compensate for the lack of going out

Children sometimes get tired when going to school, but at the same time school is an outlet for them to go out and meet their friends, play and practice some of the activities they love. Therefore, the absence of school or going to it a few times may generate a feeling of distress in them.

The ideal solution for this is to replace these activities with distinctive household activities, here are some suggestions to keep children engaged:

  • To draw: You can bring drawing tools to your child and unleash his creativity inside the house. It is known that drawing, in addition to its aesthetics, drains latent energies and improves mood.
  • Family group reading: Motivating the child to read does not have to be only through speaking, the best way to establish a habit in children is to do this habit with them. Reading aloud with the family gives it a special pleasure and a great benefit.
  • You can also use the “I Read Arabic” app, which provides many advantages in addition to reading, such as audio reading, video clips, interactive exercises, and useful games.
  • Exercising with family members: This activity has many benefits, the most important of which is that it stimulates the child’s body, which improves his concentration and ability to study. It also makes up for the shortfall left by not going to school. Among the great benefits is that it enhances communication between parents and children, making the home atmosphere more positive.

It’s always good to mention that by downloading and subscribing to the I Read Arabic app you open for your kid’s new paths to learn new things, by reading books from different categories & levels. Books start from teaching Arabic Alphabet until advanced books in the Arabic language that deals with – various interesting topics and fun stories relevant to the Arab culture.


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