Can you teach your children Arabic at home? Yes!

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Can you teach your children Arabic at home? The answer is Yes!

The Arabic language is a beautiful language, and teaching it is an art form. For many bilingual parents, or parents living abroad, it’s extremely important that their children’s mother tongue be Arabic. It’s no easy feat, so here are a few tips:

1. It’s never too early!

Start talking and singing to your children in their earliest days. Children associate their parents’ image with several things, including language. Fun fact: Fetuses begin to hear the sounds of their parents as early as the 5th month of pregnancy, so your baby can begin learning Arabic sooner than you think! Download our free app now! Android  IOS

2. Arabian nights

Make reading Arabic stories a daily habit. Start out with very short stories when they’re as young as 6 months, and slowly increase the richness of the texts. Try out different story styles and use your imagination to keep things interesting.

3. Muzzika!

Music is a great way for children to learn Arabic. Introduce Arabic music by singing lullabies, traditional songs, or even by popping in your favorite Fayrouz or Om Kolthoum songs during car rides. Listen to the same songs regularly to develop your child’s hearing memory. Also, try to explain the song lyrics—it’s an excellent way to increase your child’s vocabulary without them even realizing it! Download our free app now! Android  IOS

4. Travel with your child

There’s nothing like linguistic immersion to teach your child Arabic in record time. Choose an Arabic speaking destination for holidays. Better yet, travel to your country of origin and surround yourself with family and friends. After a week or two, you’ll have proud tears in your eyes brought on by seeing your child embrace his or her inner Arab.

5. Patience young grasshopper

Arabic is a difficult language, and learning it is a very involved process for you and your child, especially when you’re living far from Arabic-speaking countries. The key to success is patience, persistence, and a pinch of imagination and creativity. So don’t give up!