The Arabic language is poetic, charming, and profoundly expressive. It is a language of love and faith and deep passion. When you converse in Arabic, you feel many emotions. The flow of the words is rhythmic with a rich vocabulary. There are many reasons people are eager to learn the Arabic language and teach their children: some people want to attain connectedness to their roots, others want to open doors to a world of career and future opportunities. The richness and the beauty of the language are noticed almost immediately after attempting to learn a few words. The grammar is logical and easy to understand. Learning Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) or Fusha (which is the universal Arabic) is an easy way to comprehend the language. It enables your kids to speak it with friends and family.

 Arabic is the fourth most spoken language in the world and the global demand for Arabic speakers has soared in the past decade.

The Five Words to Know: 

If learning Arabic is something you are considering for yourself or your children take a look at these five beautiful words. Each word is used in a sentence to help kids understand it and use it at home. 

  • سلام /Salam (Peace): A simple yet powerful word, used either in its meaning for peace or as a greeting to convey respect. People use it to offer a friendly gesture. You can greet your friend by saying “Salam ya Sadiqi /سلام يا صديقي ” which means hello my friend. You can also use it in its literal meaning by saying “”الحمامة هي رمز السلام which means the dove is a symbol of peace. 


  • مكتوب /Maktub (It is written): Used for assurance that everything in our path is written by God. Its literal meaning is that something is written down. Most people use it to express God’s plan for their lives. Try saying: ” إنه مكتوب في النجوم”   which means it is written in the stars.


  • أمل /Amal (Hope): A popular female name in the Arab world, “Amal” is used to express hopefulness and faith. You can use it to speak with your friends you hope you can play all day long:     .” آمل أن نلعب طوال اليوم”  “


  • نور /Noor (Light): Another popular name, for both males and females. Noor is the light in our lives. It is used in the greeting “good morning” to give a bright start to the day. Try saying “Sabah Al Noor / صباح النور”.   


  • رحمة /Rahma (Kindness & Grace): This word is used in many ways to express kindness and empathy towards others. The word is powerful especially in times of hardship or losing a loved one. A common saying to comfort one another is “We are all in God’s Grace” which is “كلنا في رحمة الله  ” in Arabic. It is pronounced as “Kolona fee Rahmat Allah” 


Try it Out! 

Try practicing these words with your children and let them express themselves with emotion. Being compassionate develops kids’ social skills. It allows them to deal with situations by expressing their emotions and understanding the feelings of others around them. As Arabic is a highly emotive language, children who speak it are developing their cognitive thinking. Arabic helps develop all communication skills that a child uses as their brain works to shift between two languages. 

Children are curious by nature and an opportunity to speak to their grandparents or friends in their own language will be very exciting for them. Bilingual children are generally more capable of communicating with others, and Arabic helps highlight that with its rich vocabulary. 

All parents want their children to be diligent learners and express their emotions whenever they can. Learning Arabic helps develop that and more, so what are you waiting for? Download I Read Arabic app today and enjoy a smooth learning experience for your children. The app offers a wide range of vocabulary of over 100,000 words for kids to learn through stories and books and videos and fun games. By using the I Read Arabic application, children have access to easy methods to learn Arabic and increase their language acquisition in a fun and engaging way.  The fun part?  A comprehensive and gamified language learning experience that suits every level and appeals to kids’ interest based on scientific rubrics.

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